Sunday slide 17

Juvenile Atlantic ghost crab Ocypode quadrata showing off camouflage
I simply love the eye-bending quality of this one, and chances are you’ve seen it before. I think it was taken on the same beach trip as Sunday slide 5, early in the morning. That’s the best time to see Atlantic ghost crabs (Ocypode quadrata,) unless you like running around on the beach with a flashlight late at night. Getting this close takes some effort since, for reasons unknown and unfathomable, tiny crabs don’t like people looming over them. I know, right? So The Girlfriend ran interference, blocking this one from its burrow, as I skootched in closer on my belly to get this perspective. I’ve been wanting to redo it ever since, mostly to have a variety of perspectives with more beach in there (you know, a “Find Crabbo” kind of shot,) but so far the specific conditions have eluded me, even though I managed to snag a couple of shots of the species on the last Outer Banks trip. There are another two beach trips coming up this year, so we’ll just see what happens.