Not this time

[As a pointless side note, I checked my original title of, “Not yet,” to see if I’d used it before, and I had, so then I had to check this one and it was safe. In the process, I’d found that I had 46 post titles starting with, “Not,” which strikes me as notably negative but then again typical. Still, that’s not (heh!) even 2%, so not a problem. Yet.]

A quick one here, still busy. On this last beach trip, I made another attempt to emulate an image that I’d gotten years ago in the hopes of improving it, but the conditions weren’t right this day. It works, but not as intended.

small Atlantic ghost crab Ocypode quadrata camouflaging against sand
This is most likely an Atlantic ghost crab (Ocypode quadrata,) and quite small – not 15mm across the width of the carapace. If you can see these before they move, you have much sharper eyes than I do. This is kind of the image that I was after, showing how well they blend in so it’s more like the viewer finds the crab in the shot, though this was late afternoon and I wanted sunrise light; it would have helped if I’d gotten up for sunrise and not several hours later, but it had been a late night. No, I was not hungover – fuck off. Knowing that the light wasn’t ideal, I still went for the vertical, short DOF approach, and the lower contrast from high, soft shadows helps with the camouflage aspect. I’ll keep it.

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