Color week Friday

unidentified orange-spotted yellow flowersWe haven’t done yellow yet – let’s do yellow.

I have no idea what these flowers are – rubella lilies, maybe? They were in the rainforest-like aviary at the NC Zoological Park in Asheboro, and likely were intended to provide nectar to some of the bird species there – chances are they’re not local. But you don’t come here for my botany knowledge, or if you do, you’re sadly mistaken. From time to time when I’m out shooting, often after I point out some interesting trait of a particular frog species or similar, someone asks me what this tree or bush is, and I quickly start coughing loudly before they can finish the question and then change the subject like I never heard them. It doesn’t do to appear ignorant about nature as a nature photographer. I can get away with it here because, you know, not even you are reading this far…

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