Daily Jim pic 8

deep blue mineral pool in Yellowstone National Park by James L. Kramer
If you’ve ever wondered where they get the water to make those colorful freezer pops, it’s Yellowstone National Park. This is the ambiguous “berry” pool.

Actually, I think this is from copper, but I could be wrong. Either way, there are enough minerals in the waters of the park to -… I can’t think of a good analogy, but there are a lot. Yellowstone has water that you have to chew. It’s all brought up by the geothermal activity in the region, a mantle plume of molten material that comes a lot closer to the surface than most other areas of the world, save for active volcanoes. Or, maybe not.

By the way, geologists have said that there’s a potential eruption building under the park, and the entire area is actually higher in elevation than it was a few decades ago. It’s even visible here – doesn’t this look closer to you?

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