Daily Jim pic 15

flowers in Floweree Montana by James L. Kramer
And so we now travel to Montana – “we” actually meaning, “not me,” but instead Jim and family, and I suppose one or two other people that might have entered Montana that day a month ago; the sprawling metropolis of Floweree, Montana, to be exact, and no I’m not kidding (Jim might be, though.) It would be nice to consider these wildflowers, and I suspect Jim made a little effort to disguise the efforts at gardening, but I’m pretty sure we’re looking at someone’s planter, at least. The colors are vivid and the sky works well, but that pole is a bit jarring, isn’t it? However, it might have gotten into the frame from a simple trait of cameras: the aperture doesn’t stop down until the shutter trips (or it’s otherwise activated by the photographer.) This means the depth-of-field is as short as possible for that lens while looking through the viewfinder, and the pole was – potentially, anyway – more out of focus than seen here. Or it could be that framing it otherwise would have introduced even more unsightly elements. Or that Jim simply didn’t register it. It happens to all of us, more than I care to admit, actually…

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  1. So the contrast between the flowers “springing up” and the silos and power pole “springing up” was lost?

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