Daily Jim pic 26

crumpled base of Devil's Tower, Wyoming by James L. Kramer
And so we reveal the mystery of two days back, or at least it should be pretty obvious by now (and might have even been obvious then.) This is Devil’s Tower in Wyoming, definitely one of the more curious geological formations in the US, and a major part of the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Now you can finally place that little musical bar that I provided as a hint.

There are radical differences between the geologists’ and the Native Amercians’ explanation for how this structure came to be, and I’ll let you look those up on your own, because I’m not buying either of them. I’m pretty sure this was built by enslaved Moai over at Nazca and transported here by ley lines.

The jumble of broken columns at the base is impressive enough, and indicates to me that this would be a bad place to be standing during a freeze when ice expands in the cracks, and the trees lend some sense of scale, but Jim provided a better one.

rock climbers among basalt columns, Devil;s Tower Wyoming by James L. Kramer
Credit to Jim for even spotting them, but look closely for the splotches of color in shadow just inside the outer edge. That’s a pair of rock climbers.

By the way, the top photo was taken only 12 minutes after the bottom photo – I’m not sure if the sun has just set right then, or if it went behind a cloud.

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One thought on “Daily Jim pic 26”

  1. It was literally the other side of the mountain, not the sun setting. But it was late evening when we were there.

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