Not daily Jim pics 41

striated hills in Badlands of South Dakota by James L. Kramer
While these are pretty similar to the previous couple of images from Jim, I’m featuring them for a particular reason. The scale of the first image is almost indeterminable, and it would be easy to believe that the hills stand reasonably tall – not mountains, of course, but a pretty impressive barrier at least. Until you look closely.

Did you see the footpath leading not just to the hills, but up onto them as well? Jim was standing right on it, if it helps. Or if that isn’t enough, there’s this one:

a pair of hikers in striated hills, Badlands of South Dakota, by James L. Kramer
The path is pretty obvious now, and so is the black and pink splash of a hiker just a little ahead. If you look closely, there’s a spot of turquoise even farther to the right, the head and shoulders of another hiker further down the path. Since this was shot at 20mm focal length, they appear more distant than the reality, as well. These hills may not even top 30 meters.

Armed with that, we can go back to the first image, and see the spot where the second image was taken, close to the right edge of the frame about halfway up the hills. And see a hiker in a pale shirt on the path up there, too. Unless you’re trying to view this on your phone, but naaaah. Why would someone do anything that silly with a site full of pictures?