Podcast: Radio interview

The slow season has now gotten a firm grip, and it’s only going to go downhill from here for a couple of months – I’ll still be finding things to photograph and post about, but it’ll be a bit harder.

In the meantime, however, I’m succumbing to narcissism (ever so briefly) by featuring my fifteen seconds of fame, at least locally: I was asked in by the nearby radio station to be interviewed on their morning show. WANK 82.4 FM has a short program titled, “All About Our Town,” where they feature local, um, celebrities? Characters? Miscreants? Whatever might apply, since they asked me to come down for a chat. I was exceptionally flattered, and I personally think it went very well, but I’ll let the program speak for itself:

Walkabout podcast – Radio interview

It’s funny – when I was first called, I’m pretty sure they mentioned an honorarium, but after the interview there wasn’t a word about it and they looked at me sidelong when I asked. That’s okay – the exposure is worth more than cash can provide.

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