Sunday slide 41

Lower Cascade Falls, Hanging Rock State Park NC with but not by James L. Kramer
I figured, as I ended the run of Jim’s pics, that I would feature this particular image of Lower Cascade Falls in Hanging Rock State Park in North Carolina, because this was a trip that Jim and I took together back before he abandoned the state. If you wanted to know what Jim looks like, well, here you go.

Whaddya mean, “Where is he?” He’s right there! On the bank, over to the right, crouched by his tripod. Well, of course he’s wearing camo, because you can’t spook the falls if you want the really primo shots. No, there wasn’t any particular reason for camo on this trip, other than he found it the most comfortable – hey, ask him, not me. I purposefully shot the frame a little wider on this one to include him, and since it was a waterfall image, the shutter speed was intentionally slow, and Mr Fidget wasn’t holding still enough.

Curiously, Upper and Lower Cascade Falls are the closest waterfalls to my location here, and I haven’t visited since – it’s been over 10 years. I really need to plan another trip out there. While I would also like to see a waterfall in freezing weather, I am quite certain that the trails to the falls would be extremely hazardous in such conditions, and the park is almost certainly closed when that happens. Looks like I’d have to get out the ice cleats, grappling hook, and black turtleneck…

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