Sunday slides 52

macro photo of variety of fungi and lichens
In 2006 I had just returned to the state again, after spending time in Florida, Georgia, and even briefly in Texas, and near the little duplex townhome in the woods that I was renting, I came across a marvelous landscape of fungi and lichens, all only millimeters in height. In fact, this entire frame could easily have been obscured by a leaf. I loved the alien nature of it, grounded in reality only by the foreground plant, and sprawled on the ground to get as much detail as I could in the shot.

Looking at it now, I kind of wish I’d done a lot more experiments with the position and framing, something that digital has encouraged at least – as slides, each frame cost me a little bit, and there’s only so much marketability of such subjects. If I come across such a scene again, I’ll be tackling it with better lighting and higher magnification options, so maybe one day we’ll see how different it could look.

Funny, I was thinking that I’d used a slide from my stay in Georgia sometime during this past year, but I’m not seeing any (as I search for a pertinent link to include up there with the others,) so I guess it’s incumbent on me to provide one. Lucky me, I already have something scanned.

suspended drop of tree resin
My time in Georgia was brief, less than a year, and not really brimming with opportunities to do much shooting. It was, however, the time period when the structure for this very website was first produced. This was back in 2002, and I’ve only done small updates in the structure since then – I’ll let you decide whether that’s a good thing or not.

But at one point, wandering in a local park, I spotted this long dangling drop of tree resin catching the sun, which is perhaps more rare than you might think – usually such things occur in deep shadow, or at least, close enough to the trunk that getting a decent angle on it is next to impossible. Therefore I was pleased with this one and took advantage of the opportunity, and liked that I got a little glimmer out of the sunlight along the bead at least.

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