Per the ancient lore, part 19

I couldn't explain this enough for you to visualize it anyway
Before we go any further, I’ll let you drink this in and try to fathom just what it is you’re looking at. The only thing I will say is, though I cropped it a little tighter to draw more attention to some details, I didn’t remove anything that would help explain it more.

I’m thinking the only things that are recognizable, and perhaps not even then, are the snails, which is why this image came from the Invertebrates folder – far from being the most overburdened classification in my stock images. In fact, not only is this after I left Florida, it was taken using Jim Kramer’s Sony F828 (the follow-up model to the F717 that I was using for most of the Ancient Lore posts so far) while he was using his new Canon 10D – c’mon, this was 2004!

During an outing to the Eno River, there was a tree with twisted, exposed roots delving into the water, and upon those roots several rather large aquatic snails were exploring. If I was to guess from the photos that I obtained that session, I was not wearing anything on my feet that would facilitate wading (hard as that may be to believe,) and so I was working solely from solid land. Which was not the best of perspectives for this subject. I have, for instance, done better.

This one was included more for the vague, abstract nature of it than anything else – that, and the fact that I have so few photos in the folder to begin with. Basically, sometime in the past I decided that I had enough images of snails and slugs to merit breaking them out of the Miscellaneous category, but just barely. So now that I’m doing this by category, I’m struggling to stay more-or-less in a similar timeframe. That’s what I get for not thinking things through before I begin…