Podcast: The holiday is upon us

I’m not kidding – if you have to ask, “What holiday?” I’m going to smack you. Everyone knows this is National Pointless Podcast Day, specifically set aside to post audio files that have no purpose whatsoever. Now, if you’re at all familiar with the blog here, you know that I abhor frivolous posts and meaningless content; if you don’t have anything important to say, then don’t post anything, is my motto. But, you may also know how I feel about tradition, so it’s important to honor the holiday regardless. With that in mind, and at great effort, I put aside my normal standards regarding substantial and thought-provoking content, and produced a podcast in the spirit of the day, as much as it ran against my habits.

Walkabout podcast – So deep it’s shallow

When last we spoke of microphones

And so you know, one of the highly-recommended microphones, and another.

A mid-range recommended mic.

And the one I just got, and used here (for less than half the price listed there too.)

By the way, you know what’s funny about this? In the podcast, I mention not being able to ‘be creative’ with time constraints, as well as providing a quick list of potential post topics that may appear someday. Yesterday, I had a few hours before I had to be at work, and started a casual recording with the new mic, no real intentions, but I liked the results anyway. That’s what you’re hearing here, which I ripped off before work, as well as starting a post on one of those topics from the list. I finished that off after work and posted it last night, so that’s already appeared, then cleaned up the recording afterward and uploaded it to the server last night as well (or was it this morning?) That last bit may not sound like much, but it takes at least three times as long to clean up and edit recordings as it does to make them, not counting all the sundry bits that must go hand-in-hand. So, most times I don’t work well within time constraints.

Yeah, yeah, go ahead, I left that one wide open for you. But hey, if you think you’re so much better, there’s still time left on this holiday…