Another holiday is upon us

USAF Air Demonstration Squadron 'Thunderbird' 4 and ground crew during pre-flight
I know that you’re as aware as I am of what today actually is, and in recognition of this holiday, I almost didn’t post anything at all; what better way to celebrate National Teaser Day than to not post anything for all the people coming here throughout the day to check and see how I was celebrating it. But if I simply carried that for the whole day, people might think that I’d forgotten or wasn’t actually recognizing the holiday, perish forbid! So I’m doing double-duty and waiting until just about the last minute, and then posting an actual teaser – get as much mileage out of the holiday as possible, right? And so we have this image, which certainly should indicate that others will be along, and true to form, I’m not telling you when.

Boy, this is a fun holiday!