I would have posted something new, but…

Man, you know how it is at that time of the year, where you’re getting out the holiday decorations while simultaneously putting away the decorations from the previous holiday? Yeah, of course you do, especially right now, because after yesterday’s holiday, today’s is Revisit Old Content Day. Back before the webbernets, this day was spent poking through unused recipes or overturning the screw-and-bolt jar, and before that, it’s rumored, shoveling the bones from the back of the cave to examine the charcoal drawings on the walls again – it’s a pretty damn ancient holiday, truth be told. But now that we have vast electrons and, I dunno, magnetic thingies dedicated to archiving our efforts without yellowing, we can simply go back to random entries on the blog to see things that we pretty much ignored the first time around, because doing it again is somehow less of a waste of time. Don’t ask me to explain it; it’s physics, I think.

But who cares about the history and mechanics of it? For the holiday, I present the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam, first featured here (well, not here, but you know, about 61 pages down that way) on December 29, 2016. It’s a live cam feed focused on a bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) nest that is used every year.


This holiday actually highlights something curious, because normally, the young eagles would have hatched and perhaps fledged by now, since the first time I linked to the cam, the eagle parents already had eggs on the nest in December. But for reasons unknown (to me at least,) the first brood wasn’t viable – one egg never hatched, while the other did but the chick died at 26 days. The parents started a second brood, and the eggs are incubating at this point, due to hatch around the end of March. There is a countdown clock at the top of the page, as well as a chat window and a blog for further information. I’ll try to remember to post a reminder as we get closer to the hatching period – I could have saved this post for then but, you know, the holidays are imperative. And March does not have a Revisit Newer Revists of Older Content holiday – that’d be stupid.

But that isn’t exactly my content, so as an added holiday bonus, I link back to this post, which features an image that I still consider one of my best – and that tells you more than you ever wanted to know about me, I’m sure. At the very least, though, I do know that there are limited places where such a thing should be displayed, few contests that this even stands a chance within.

All right, fine. These are in the running too, and a little more socially acceptable. Okay?

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