Lead the way

Yes indeedy, it’s another holiday, and this one is brought to you courtesy of the Insouciant Mr Bugg, reminding us all that today is Throw Down The Gauntlet Day. In his own post on the subject (where he apparently forgot to announce the holiday,) Buggato had the temerity to accuse me of chimping. ‘Chimping,’ should I need to inform or remind anyone, is the practice of looking at the LCD of the camera after taking a photo to see if there really is a picture there. As I’ve said, that’s all that it could possibly tell you, because the LCD is far too small, without color or gamma correction, to tell you anything else about the photo. Plus it makes you look like an amateur.

Buggarino somehow failed to post any images that he might have obtained of me actually engaging in this behavior, but that’s okay, because I have a few myself. So, having been challenged, I will present some of those, so you know what it looks like.

You likely remember this one from February, though it was taken last December instead.

Mr Bugg shooting from low on boat ramp at Jordan Lake in December 2019
Buggato certainly not chimpingThat was certainly a special outing, because he was in rare form that day. To the right is another from, literally, not five minutes later.

The light was going blue for those, because the sun had set and the color was draining from the sky, so let’s have another from before that time, while the light is better. That’s down below.

maybe not - benefit of the doubtYeeeaaahhhh, maybe he was just getting up from his prone shooting position and happened to glance in the same general direction of his camera, and is not actually looking at the LCD. We’ll give him the benefit of the doubt for this one. That’s okay – we have more.

Buggarino getting the undersides of mushrooms - definitely not chimping
This is from a few years back, when Buggosa was after some large shelf fungi on the trunk there. You might want to argue that we can’t tell what he’s doing here, but since he was shooting the undersides of the upper fungi, his nose is pointed in the wrong direction. You can trust me or not – I may simply start shooting video of it.

And don’t ask me what’s going on with his hat, because I’ve asked, and still don’t know.

How about the Eno River?

just clearing off splashes I'm sure
Okay, maybe he’s just comparing the settings in the camera menu with the crib notes written in his palm – I’ll let him explain this one.

And if you’re seeing a pattern of dress here, that’s because he has a couple of shirts dedicated to our outings, to remain more low-key. He is not color-coordinating the rubber band on his long lens case yet, though.

okay no doubts hereOne more? Okay, one from a foggy morning out at Mason Farm Biological Reserve.

So we see one of the problems with taking the lead on Throw Down The Gauntlet Day, because then, anyone so targeted has the opportunity to up the anté, especially if you’ve been obnoxious. But if you haven’t seen enough photos of this behavior yet, let me know, since we have another outing tomorrow and I’ll be sure to watch for more opportunities – maybe I’ll do the video thing, especially if I can find a pocket air-horn to fire off and mark exactly when it occurs. Not only that, but since he wants to lead off, I’ll also let him walk in the front on our hikes, clearing away all of the spiderwebs stretched across the path and doing the snake-watching duty. Far be it from me to hog all that fun for myself.


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