Because it’s Monday (part two, fer sure)

waning gibbous moon before Monday ends
As threatened, I have the next phase of the moon, appearing on the same day as the previous phase, being shot at a little after 11 pm. You can compare it to the previous post to see the reduced amount of light, but, given that it was lower on the horizon and the atmospheric conditions were different, there’s a different color cast. Plus I think I may have had saturation settings a little higher this time, from the day’s shooting.

Regrettably, I missed something by a mere second, since as I was redoing focus, something passed in front of the moon, a dark spot that crossed the face in perhaps a second. Satellite? High-flying bird? Lost quadcopter? Don’t know yet, but I triggered the shutter just a hair too late. Stay tuned, because this post isn’t done yet – more will be along after the deadline. Not to mention at least two other posts based on photography within the past three days, with video even. Busy busy busy.