Um, one “adult,” please

Today is the twelfth anniversary of my first blog post, and that means it now has to pay adult prices at the movie theaters – even when it can’t see adult movies, be tried as an adult, or any other functions claimed by that exalted/overrated classification. Kind of a rip-off, really. Just for the perspective, this is itself the 1,934th post, but only the 1,877th that contains nothing but trivial, uninteresting content.

I looked to see if I’d shot any photos on that date, but nope; the first appears in 2010, but hey, close enough – one of those will appear at the bottom.

Anyway, a brief update. It’s been, I think I’ve said, a frustrating season, or maybe period – it’s lasted much longer than a month, has overlapped the ‘season’ change from fall to winter, and so on. As you likely already know, the US Postal Service has gone totally bonzo-fogus – both The Girlfriend and I have been tracking packages that are apparently taking sightseeing tours of the entire US, and so christmas carols this year included repeated choruses of, “This isn’t everything – more will arrive eventually,” which isn’t that catchy and hopefully won’t survive to next christmas. My work schedule has been almost as unpredictable and much more annoying.

And then there’s the computer, and while I can go into gruesome detail regarding that, I’ll just say that the end may, perhaps, be in sight. Long story short: the computer/motherboard that I’m now using, while sufficient in performance and abilities for my needs, has a BIOS lacking in one particular thing, and that’s support for harddrives larger than 2 terabytes. I discovered this, naturally, when I installed a pair of 3TB drives within, because the files are growing routinely and I need the extra storage space. Numerous workarounds were attempted, none of them working, until I finally decided to install a Solid-State Drive for the operating systems – this made the BIOS happy, and once past that and into the operating systems, the larger harddrives were not an issue. But this meant installing both Linux and Windows on said SSD, and I upgraded one (Linux Mint 20) and downgraded the other (Windows 7, because Windows 10 bites ass.) This led to numerous reformatting issues, including default file locations and rebuilding stuff like the MIDI music structure (more on that someday,) and I just discovered this morning that Windows 7 is now having issues. So, it’s ongoing, but at least the prime functionality has been restored. If you’re having trouble sleeping, send me your phone number and I’ll call you with the entire list of actions and results.

With all this, I really haven’t felt like working on posts, not at all helped by there being (as seen above) nothing interesting to post about. I know these are all first-world problems and a lot of people have it worse, much worse, and I should really stop whining, but I also feel obligated to have regular content here and feel guilty when I don’t, obligated to explain it, and I can’t explain it without delving into grumbling. Ah, well. I’ve got a couple of light posts that’ll be along eventually, and I’m still considering what I’ll be doing for the year’s end, or beginning, or whatever, but there’s nothing promising on the horizon. Is this screed giving an accurate reflection of my mood and attitude lately? I’ll see what I can do about digging up some humor…

In the interim, have a set of sparkly icicles, taken on this date in 2010, aftermath of a winter storm a few days earlier. I’d had a version of this sitting in the blog folders for a long time, never having made it into any posts, then purged it along with many others when weaning that folder down – and now reinstated it (but cropped tighter and bigger now.) That’s what I consider progress.

dripping icicles in sunlight