On this date – like, right now

It’s pretty late at night/early in the morning on christmas, and I stepped out back to find something in the backyard (don’t ask.) It’s been raining like a mofo here for the past 24 hours, with some tornado warnings even, but the temperature’s been surprisingly warm – not for very long, so the meteorologists say, yet right now it’s not uncomfortable at all, if you don’t mind the dampness. And as I walked alongside the back deck with the headlamp, a trivial detail caught me by surprise, and I had to go in and bring the camera back out. I was afraid it might no longer be visible when I returned, but I got lucky.

green treefrog Hyla cinerea under water surface in planter reservoir
That’s one of our ubiquitous green treefrogs (Hyla cinerea,) under the surface of the water within a planter – in fact, the exact same planter seen here, albeit a bit more weathered now from the intervening decade.

I was a little concerned that I might have been seeing a dead frog, and was about to snake a finger in to check once I finished shooting a couple of frames, but before I had the chance, my friend here decided it didn’t like the headlamp at this time of night, turned and ducked deeper within the reservoir. Well, fine.

I keep thinking I’m going to have a little more time to work on posts, and I keep finding myself wrong, but I’m making progress on another project for the first time in weeks, so even though I’m not putting up a lot here to read or view, it’s only temporary, and I’ll be back soon.

In the meantime, enjoy the holidays, be mellow, stay safe, and stay smart. Smarter, even.