So yeah, my first post of the new year is gonna be a trivial one, and I’ll let you read into that whatever you like, because I know it’s mostly due to a lack of available time. I have a few things planned or in process, but they’ll be a little while in coming.

Right now, I’ll tell you that the Quadrantids meteor shower is peaking tonight – I should have been along with that earlier, especially since the reminders have been coming up in my calendar for the past week, but see above, plus the fact that the weather here has been completely non-conducive to such things (“Is that a meteor?!” “No, that’s water too,”) so I’ve been largely ignoring the topic, even though perhaps not everyone who has access to these posts is having the same weather. Fuck it – call it laziness.

The other little bit that I’ll throw down for you is a video from Voyageurs Wolf Project, clips taken across a beaver dam over the course of a year. The dam, a big one, sits south of Voyageurs National Park in Minnesota, which itself is within spitting distance of Ontario, Canada, while the video shows the variety of wildlife species that traverse the area. I don’t think it was by accident that they have nighttime clips of otters galumphing across the dam, immediately followed by daytime clips of foxes sniffing around the exact same area, likely picking up the evidence of the otters.

One of the potential posts that I have planned is putting together some of my own video clips from the past year into a little compilation; these were mostly segments that I got with the idea that I’d get more, complementary clips and edit together a nice little informative video about each particular topic. That didn’t happen this past year, so they’ll be brief and touching on a lot of subjects, but those bigger goals haven’t been dismissed yet. You know I’ll be back.

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