From the lair of the Lion came the Fire

Boy, a couple of capital letters makes everything dramatic, doesn’t it? But all I’m referring to is the Leonids meteor shower, which should be peaking tomorrow night or thereabouts.

I have reminders set up on my calendar for about a week in advance, because you can start seeing activity well before a peak, and the Leonids has, at times, been a pretty damn good shower. And I’ve had a background goal to show off some nice meteor streaks here some time. That would require catching some, though, and it hasn’t happened yet. I’ve seen some doozies, but never captured any in camera, for various reasons which I am forbidden by various international conventions to talk about. Naturally, we’re still in a pretty bright moon phase, especially towards the early hours of the morning when viewing is better – and yet, the moon hasn’t been an issue at all the past several nights! No light at all shining down! Which is because we’ve been in rainy, overcast conditions all that time, while still keeping the temperatures down pretty far.

So if you’re doing better, have at it, and show me up. Meteorologists are predicting partly cloudy conditions for the next few nights, up until Wednesday when it’s supposed to be clear, but from long experience I know that, for NC at least, that’s too far off to trust. One day, however, I will surprise you all, and post some brilliant meteor trails and fireballs flares, and then you’ll all immediately apologize for all the bad things you even thought about me. Because that’s how people work.