I’m used to looking out at the greenhouse and seeing strange trails through the condensation that forms on the inner surfaces of the ‘glass’ (not really glass,) because the leopard snails have a tendency to creep inside and then cruise about the interior. But this morning, the tracks were a bit different.

tracks of treefrog through condensation on interior of greenhouse panels
Definitely not a snail there, but it only took a moment to determine what it was. If it helps, we’ll go in for a more specific look.

impression of treefrog in condensationThere’s actually an impression/outline of the body in there, as well as some outlying limbs, especially at upper right with the widespread toes. This is, of course, evidence of a treefrog having gotten inside during the night.

I made an examination of the walls and plants within in an attempt to locate it, because I know they’re notorious about forgetting how they got into some enclosure; several have died on our screened porch from just this habit. My search turned up nothing, though I knew it would be hiding during the day, and so I bided my time until tonight, when I recommenced the exam well after dark. That was a brief search, because the culprit, a green treefrog, was splayed out on the glass in plain sight immediately upon entering. I removed it to a safe location, getting thoroughly urinated on in the process, but know I’ll have to do this semi-routinely (the search I mean,) since this is the second frog found within. But at least this one left some cool tracks.