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It’s about 7:30 PM right now, only a little chilly, with clear skies, unlike last night. Will I go back out and make another futile and disappointing attempt at the Leonids? The answer, may surprise you. But first, let’s check in with what’s happening on the Estates.

Well, what was happening, five days ago to be precise – these are all older photos. But they’re read more

Tripod Holes 42

N 33°31’11.84″ W 79° 5’54.55″ Google Earth location

I could put you practically within my footprints for this one, because I remember pretty precisely where I was standing, at the edge of the spillover from this decorative sculpture pool within Brookgreen Gardens between Murrell’s Inlet and Pawley’s Island, South Carolina. This was a sculpture garden, filled read more

First half

As mentioned at the end of the previous post, I did indeed go out and get a few frames as intended, and then some more. And then I collected a particular subject for detail and did even more. But some of those go along with some video clips that I obtained as well, and editing the video is going to take a little time as it always does, so I decided to split these into two posts.

A couple of evenings read more

Scratch that

Remember when I said (yesterday, more or less) that the little anole on the front hydrangea knew what it was doing in choosing a concealed spot to sleep?


Let’s see here: centered directly on exposed leaf, not even adequate cover from rain, failure to blend in with background, near-vertical position… D minus. The only credit it gets is for being centered read more

That’s a little better

Switched out the ‘clear’ diffuser for the white one on the new softbox, and the difference is noticeable – what we’re looking at here is the round light reflecting from the frog’s eye. Still not perfectly even, but probably the best I can hope for with this design (yes, I’ve actually considered a backwards-facing flash head into a parabola, read more

Just gonna duck right between ya here

It has been a week without posts, which I don’t even do when I’m traveling, always having a couple of even token posts appear to keep from announcing that the house is empty. Yet I’ve been here in Walkabout Studios and the environs the entire time, just wrapped up in projects, to say nothing of it being ridiculously hot out there and not only is it uncomfortable to be read more


Remember when I said that a frog could be nestled within the canopy of the little potted Japanese maple on our deck and I might never see it? I mean, it was just a couple of days ago, a mere two posts back.

The next day (I’m a little slow on pasting right now,) I was watering that very tree and a green treefrog (Dryophytes cinereus) erupted from within and landed on the deck, obviously read more

Need better curtains

I was out on the back deck firing up the grill tonight and checked out the various plants that share that space. One of the hydrangeas showed something grumpy (or at least, I’m wildly interpreting it that way.)

No, I’m not really expecting you to spot it easily at this distance, I just did this one for context, though it’s there if you look close. But even I was read more

Gotta post

I’ve had a handful of photos from the past few weeks to get to, and have been shirking. To celebrate, we’ll have a few from today instead, because that makes sense…

The past three days have been overcast, mostly raining, and so not a lot of opportunity for nature photos (that I didn’t already read more

Two curiosities

Haven’t been in much of a blogging mood the past week or so, and thus haven’t been in search of subjects, but I’ll throw down two quick ones because… um… I really have no idea why anymore…

As the treefrogs become more prevalent in various areas of Walkabout Estates, I’ve been seeing some patterns of appearance and can tell a few apart, somewhat, simply by read more

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