Triumphant return

… or something.

I’m back from my escape room adventures, which have been greatly exaggerated, but that’s what you’d expect from someone who blew the post title twice (should have been Profiles of Nature, and we’re only up to 28.) Good thing I haven’t paid him…

Anyway, it was another trip, and I’ll provide a photo to let you guess where this time. Really, it’s been far too much time on the road lately, but so it goes. Your clue:

roseate spoonbill Platalea ajaja and unconfirmed gull, likely herring gull Larus argentatus, hanging out
Believe me, I had plenty to post before this trip, so I’ve got content for a while. I just have to get to it. Stay, as they used to say in the earlier days of radio frequency broadcasting, tuned.

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