Just because, part 43

I’ve got a longer post, the last tattered remnants of the trip to, you know, the state and not the city, but that’ll take some writing, and I’ve had these images sitting in the folder for a little while now, so you get this quickie.

unidentified dragonfly silhouetted against sunset reflection in pond
I went over to the pond, oh, eight days ago now, since the sunset looked a little promising. As usual, that promise was broken and dashed, since the sunset performed quite poorly, but while there, I did this quick abstract of a dragonfly. This was not against the sky, but the reflection of it in the water, using the Canon 18-135 STM at 135mm – I liked the faint difference in sharpness between the dragonfly’s twig and the surrounding leaves, courtesy of the shorter depth of field at f5.7. But what I really liked was the focus, which was bang-on, all credit to the autofocus. What you see above is full frame, while below is an inset, almost full resolution.

unidentified dragonfly in detail silhouette
That’s some mighty nice detail right there, sure enough. Any sharper and it’d scratch your screen.