I’m tired of ‘May’ puns…

… but it’s the end of the month anyway, so let’s see what that entails from the nonsense tradition of month-end abstract images that got started by accident, shall we?

Why, it’s the sunset on part of the Gatsby mansion that I’d stayed in on previous visits to central New York – not this time around (I was on my brother’s couch instead, read more

April’s been bugging me…

… and it needs to go now. But we have a consolation prize, in the form of a ladies’ Speidel watchband and a lovely month-end abstract to go along with it:

I’d like to say this was intentional and it wouldn’t have been hard to accomplish, but this is simply evidence that I accidentally hit the shutter release as I was finished taking a few frames of pre-sunrise read more

No foolin’

I said I’d be back to ‘fess up, and I keep my word – eventually, anyway. I mean, there’s still time to make good on some of those things in my past…

In this case, however, we’re talking about the month-end abstract. But first, another image from the same session, to see if this helps things along any.

Is it more evident now? I can’t know if read more

Not March

And so we find ourselves at the end of a slowish and lackluster month, which needs to be saved by the end-of-month abstract – a tall order, for sure. Will it be able to rescue us from this dismal month? Let’s see:

Well, that’s certainly… dynamic, I guess. Intriguing. I dunno, what would you call it?

In fact, I’m not going to tell you what this is, even though I knew it read more

You’ve overstayed your welcome, February

Despite purchasing the extended plan like an idiot, February has now come to the end of its warranty period, and so as it starts to suddenly make a terrible noise and leave an ominously-stained puddle beneath, we turn to see what abstract image will play it off stage. Why, it’s… this:

I did no alterations to this one other than cropping it tighter – otherwise it’s read more

I’m sorry, this December has expired

Already? But yes, December is shuffling off to Buffalo (I don’t even know where that ancient phrase is from,) and thus we have the end of the month abstract. Somewhere. I just had it – must’ve put it down for a second when I needed both hands. Maybe it’s in the bathroom…

Ah, yes, here we go. Salud!

Is that abstract enough? I wasn’t really thinking read more

Living in the past XXVII

An abstract from 2015, one that came out very well – this is not bragging (well, much,) but recognition that the odds played out in my favor. The reflections are all from the sun on rippling water, so each of those sparkles was only there for a millisecond in time – it would be easy to have too many clustered together, or too few, but the line meandering up the frame read more

Holy mackerel, is that the time?

Shit, July’s gotta flee the ball, leaving behind one ratty water sandal that the prince isn’t even going to risk touching and instead simply put some ‘Biohazard’ tape around and go peruse Tinder instead. Yes indeedydo, it’s the end of the month, and what kind of abstract image did our evil stepphotographer prepare for us?

Why, it’s… that. read more

Lazy swapping

I know people keep going on about this and it’s a bit tiresome, but it really is lazy to just swap out “ne” for “ly” and consider it a whole new month. “August” and “September” I can get behind, two entirely different words with almost nothing in common you know you’re making changes when September comes around. With these read more

Some pun with “May”

You know the drill, or at least you would if you were a regular reader that was not strictly imaginary: it’s the last day of the month and time for the end of the month abstract, or my own esoteric interpretation of that term. Which looks like this:

The light was right for these American sweetgum (Liquidambar styraciflua) leaves, and the overlapping textures and shades read more

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