Had I known…

Today, I suddenly discover, is a holiday, though why anyone would want to celebrate this is beyond me, but it’s Take Far Longer On A Project Than Planned And Ruin Your Schedule Day, which is why you’re seeing this here instead of another proper post. That’ll arrive shortly, but longer than I have left in the day, so shortly, tomorrow.

Don’t you just love downloading an updated bit of software in the hopes that it will correct a recurring problem with the older version, only to find that not only did it fail to fix this, it started crashing on its own for no determinable reason? I know I do. I just eat that shit up. Mmm yummy.

The software in question was/is Kdenlive, which is video editing software – overall, it was working better than OpenShot, which I’d been using earlier, but it was prone to video stuttering in the preview screening, which can be hard to sync voiceovers to and is just annoying on its own. The problem is reduced with the latest version, and truth be told, OpenShot had audio stuttering which is far worse, but neither one is acceptable and I’ve simply been coping. Yes, stuttering in both programs would seem to indicate something with my system, but as yet I have not determined what, and there’s more than enough RAM to cope.

Anyway, that tells you a video (which has been completed now) is on the way so, lucky you! But the holiday had to get out of the way first, and there’s no chance that I’ll have the post done before it becomes Monday. Stupid holidays.

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