Not doing that again

When doing that otter video, it obviously needed some kind of peppy, frivolous, ottery background music, which I don’t think I have available anywhere in my music collection, so I went searching through the royalty-free offerings online. It took about 20 minutes of listening to clips before I located the one that I wanted to use, but then there was an issue: it was only 105 seconds long, and I needed 6:48 (408 seconds.) Not to mention that it had very clearly defined opening and closing sections, so it not only had to be lengthened, it had to be lengthened with internal editing rather than just ‘playing it again.’ While not terribly difficult with Audacity (the software I use for audio editing,) it needed to be subtle enough to avoid sounding patched, so combining between bars and where the music was similar enough to transition easily. And then once lengthened, it was laid into the existing video clips and adjusted for appropriate background volume as I finalized the video, plus reviewed in final form a couple of times before uploading.

The result seems fine to me (we all know about my lack of standards, so hush up,) but the aftermath is, I’ve had that damn song running through my head for the past 24 hours. I’m far too susceptible to earworms, especially ones that I don’t particularly like, and even when I get rid of them with other music, I’ll wake up to them again the next day. Dammitall.

So no, no more cutesy damn videos for a while. They make me irritable for far too long.

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