Tripod holes 13

Full Throttle Formation Team flying over Skyfest NC, Johnston Regional Airport, Smithfield NC
N 35°32’44.44″ W 78°23’22.69″ Google Earth Location

Today’s tripod hole comes from… yesterday, while I was attending Skyfest NC, a small airshow not too far away. Note that the location is where I was standing, and not exactly where the subject of the photo was, which would be quite hard to pin down without someone to triangulate at least. This is the Full Throttle Formation Team, or four of them at least, flying Van’s RV-8 aircraft if I have the details right – the website for the airshow itself is perhaps the most pathetic that I’ve seen in quite a while, so this information is provided by my astounding webbernets savvy, and the fact that I briefly pulled up the flight radar app on my smutphone while there.

More photos will be along shortly, but not a lot; as airshows go, this was pretty thin, plus the performance area was southeast of the attendee area, thus putting most of the performances against the rising sun, which was soon tempered by overcast skies – not an improvement. I left early as rain was threatening, not so much to avoid getting wet, but I’d prefer not to expose the camera equipment to serious moisture while trying to photograph aircraft, and I knew the parking area was bound to become a quagmire if it rained in earnest. The static display aircraft were minimal, and no major aerial demonstrations were scheduled. I tried my hand at video again, but using the 7D and the Tamron 150-600 just ain’t gonna work for that.

However, Wings Over Wayne is coming in May, and I may be refining my techniques before then. We’ll see what happens.

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