That kind of day

slightly wet pansy Viola x Wittrockiana blossom
Today is the summer solstice, the longest period of daylight in the calendar year, as well as World Humanist Day – but I’m not posting about either of these (or much of anything, really.) It’s been raining for two days straight, which we’ve needed, which is a horribly adult thing to say – pathetic all around. But this means I’ve done very little photography, only some of that for a halfway-decent reason. Mostly though, I’ve just been neglecting the blogohedron. Some semi-recent photos will be coming up shortly, so for now I’m featuring two images from yesterday, between the wets, and recognizing the holidays in the lamest way possible.

This is naturally one of the pansies (Viola x Wittrockiana) that The Girlfriend put into the front planters, which are now also hosting the regular balloon flowers and the decorative sweet potato vines, as long as I can keep the damn deer from them. I wandered around shooting a few frames while things were damp, but on unloading realized that a few of them I could do better, though this wasn’t one of those chosen to be revisited. Still, while out there a bit later on, I decided to fire off another frame in case the conditions seemed better, only this time there was an addition.

pansy Viola x Wittrockiana blossom with raindrops and crab spider Thomisidae
I checked, and there was not the faintest sign of the crab spider (genus Thomisidae) in the earlier frames, but it hadn’t been that long since the rain had stopped, so it was probably still well under cover. There is a difference of three hours between these images, but you can see that only some of the raindrops have disappeared – it was that kind of day yesterday, still is today, and will remain so for a while yet.

Meanwhile, a friend has slammed down a challenge: two images that indicate, “True,” and, “False,” without emphasis on the primary colors of red, green, or blue, without being too creepy, or vague, or really, overly specific. This has had me picking through the stock folders for a while now. But I like the challenge – the question remains as to whether I’m up to it or not.

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