That kind of day

Today is the summer solstice, the longest period of daylight in the calendar year, as well as World Humanist Day – but I’m not posting about either of these (or much of anything, really.) It’s been raining for two days straight, which we’ve needed, which is a horribly adult thing to say – pathetic all around. But this means I’ve done very little read more

More Friday color

We’ve done Friday color before, two, no, three times, and a read more

Out there right now

It’s 1:00 AM, 15°c right now, and raining, which means it’s just enough for the frogs to be happy, and I provide proof:

When first spotted in the headlamp, this green treefrog (Dryophytes cinereus) was in a better pose, but I didn’t have the camera in hand then and so we get this one after I returned twice more trying for a better shot. If you look read more

Not dead yet

Not me, or this pansy The Girlfriend planted in December

Not long after she planted them, we went through several long, bitterly cold snaps, the kind that kill potted plants because the cold can penetrate through the soil, and the visible portions did not look all that happy for quite a while afterward – indeed, they still don’t, but this blossom pushed through and, given read more

Equinox color

Yes, of course I had to post today, but I also had to post a few images from the other day, since today is grey and rainy. So most of what you’ll see here is from Tuesday’s trip over to a botanical garden.

You don’t need me to tell you this if you spend any time online at all, because plenty of other sites just love throwing out trivia of this nature, but it’s the equinox read more