Profiles of Nature 47

Yes, it’s another Profiles, perfectly timed to ruin your holiday! Why count on family to do that? Sometimes they disappoint us by failing to disappoint us. That’s why we’re here like Andy Kaufman, we never fail to bring the pathetic and painful misunderstanding of what humor is!

This week we have Massimiliano (the one on the right,) who’s not a model per read more

Profiles of Nature 21

Yes, it really has been an entire week, and so we return to our Profiles, featuring Chollum Bargarnthupi. Chollum was kidnapped and sold on the market of color as a slave model, forced to pout, look haughty, or even exuberantly ecstatic about kitchen storage (seen here) for much less than minimum going rates, required to even buy his own upper lip bleach. He escaped with read more