Herons all the way down

The other morning Buggato and I did a photo outing to the head of the Neuse River in Raleigh, an area called ‘Falls of the Neuse’ even though the falls have been replaced by a dam and spillway now. We hadn’t been down there in a while, and figured this was a decent time, but hadn’t counted on the flow being higher than normal, which prevented wading across to other photo read more

Monday color 47

Actually, this image was taken the same day as the porcelain berries (Ampelopsis brevipedunculata) featured in a previous Monday color, just in a location several hundred meters away. I felt the need to spread them out in posting times, and this was as far as I could go. Unless I continue the Monday color through the winter months. Check back next year/week and see.

Monday color 32

So, Monday color was originally intended to be only for the winter months because they lacked color and/or subjects to chase. It had come from the overflow of images that I had pre-selected for an end-of-year color post. Since I ended up carrying it through the summer, I figure I’ll just read more