Visibly different, part 15

This one came about when I was running through my slides and realized that I had a comparison image – it was unintentional, but fell into place. What we see here is a view down from a bridge over a small waterfall/torrent in Watkins Glen, New York, during a visit in 2006. Watkins Glen is the name of the town and the big scenic gorge that cuts down through the bedrock read more

Daily Jim pic 7

And so we move on to Yellowstone Park, and a torrent in an as-yet-unidentified river. That stark dead tree is a strong element, but notice that it’s actually two trees, and the grey one contrasts nicely against the deep green of the background trees while the smaller still-living one sets off against the water.

However, I’ll never forgive Jim for not getting a bear catching a salmon in read more

Not deep

I’m still here, and still largely busy – it’s going to be a lean posting month, but I’ll still try to put something up from time to time.

[“From time to time” – isn’t that a stupid phrase? Who makes these things up, and did they have any think what word good is?]

A few days back we received torrential rain, which is not to say this is any more remarkable read more