Oh, okay

After the previous images, you deserve something a little cuter, and I snagged this while in pursuit of those.

green treefrog Dryophytes cinereus on branch of trumpet flower Brugmansia
We’d been seeing this green treefrog (Dryophytes cinereus) settled in on a leaf of one of the trumpet flowers (Brugmansia) for days while the nights got pretty damn chilly, but last night when it was staying warmer, the frog decided to venture out again, and provided a pose against the huge blossoms of the plant, which have been thriving despite warnings about their dislike for cold.

By the way, I am never going to forgive biologists for changing the species from Hyla cinerea to Dryophytes cinereus – for some reason, I can’t retain that one in my head after memorizing the former and using it for years. I should just carry on like a cranky mother-in-law and keep using the ‘maiden name’ blithely…