Viva Variety

I’m wondering how many people actually remember that show

Anyway, we’re counting down (no we’re not) the backlog of photos that I’ve got prepped in my blog folder, that I’m skipping around non-chronologically among in an effort to not have back-to-back posts of insects, and so on. Today, we’re doing a follow-up with the tadpoles… kinda. Because these read more

‘Contrived’ is an ugly word

Hey hey hey, and ‘wahoo’ even! Today is Retro-Amphibian Day, also known by its European moniker, Dig Out An Old Photo ‘Cause Yain’t Postin’ Shit Day, and so, slave to tradition that I am, I present this image from a little over six months ago, saved in the blog folder for this exact purpose.

Along an overflow channel for the nearby pond, I was belly-down read more

Still damp as hell

Since the deck needs to be restained, we pressure-washed it the other day. Surprising absolutely no one, we have not gone 24 hours without rain since then, and in fact the task was completed in a narrow window of sunlight during a very wet early summer – normally we start our summer drought about this time. The frogs have been quite happy with the meteorological manifestation, and so I made read more