Turtles and friends

The other day the Ineluctable Mr Bugg and I went out to one of the many trails along the Eno River to see what was stirring for spring. The answer: turtles. Lots and lots of turtles. With just a bit else for variety.

To the best that I can determine, they were all eastern river cooters (Pseudemys concinna concinna,) though telling these apart from the yellow-bellied sliders that are common read more

Monday color 13

Another purple for Monday color, because I have a lot of it. The wild violets are early spring flowers around here, usually appearing up through the leaves singularly or in small patches, and often enough before the last frost of the winter has occurred. They’re not the first color I find in my desperation after the dull winter months – those are usually the speedwells, chickweed, or read more