Daily Jim pic 14

rough-edged pools in Yellowstone National Park by James L. Kramer
And we return to this bizarre landscape in Yellowstone National Park, with a series of odd pools. Here’s how I think they developed (you’re not really expecting me to do research for these posts, are you? That’s Jim’s job!):

Layered geologic strata weathers away over time, leaving a series of stepped slopes. Water that appears periodically, washes along, but as it stops it pools in the little depressions and low areas. Because of its high mineral content, as it evaporates it leaves a layer of minerals behind, and this layer reshapes the depressions and affects the subsequent flow of water. Eventually, higher and higher dams or walls are created since the deposits take place at the edges where they adhere to previous deposits as evaporation occurs.

Or not. Probably safer to go with that one.

It’s a shame the sky in that direction was clouded over too much; having a reflection of blue in the water surfaces could have added some really cool accent color.

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One thought on “Daily Jim pic 14”

  1. This is mammoth springs. The contrast was between the waters and the dead tree; as the trees in the area while dead were still vertical and this one was not.

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