Podcast: Nothing in particular

As the year winds down, I present the tenth podcast since I restarted them in late June – not exactly one a week, but not too shabby for something I’m still just toying with. And ‘toying’ is perhaps the most appropriate word for this one, as I tackle nothing in particular, and at times a bit roughly too.

Walkabout podcast – Nothing in particular

Terry Pratchett, in case you have somehow escaped his influence. At some point in the future I may do a review of one of his Discworld novels. Yes, yes, I promise I won’t do an audio version, okay? Sheesh…


Did you catch the part in there where I got the movie title wrong and had to dub it in much later on? This is a lot harder than it seems like it should be, not from a technical standpoint (which is only cut-und-paste,) but from a seamless sound quality one, since matching voices on separate occasions, even when it’s your own and you can hear it and are just trying to replicate it, is elusive. Or at least it is for me. But yes, Leeloo was not in The Sixth Sense. I know better, I was just mixing up my numbered Bruce Willis movies.

But here she is (or to be more accurate, the actress who portrayed that part) showing off her vocal abilities:

Milla Jovovich – The Gentleman Who Fell

Milla Jovovich – Gentleman who Fell from Kate Garner on Vimeo.

And as a bit of bonus content (or to make up for the podcast – whatever works for you,) I include a link that The Girlfriend passed on to me after I’d recorded the audio, a live bald eagle nest cam in Ft Myers, Florida. As I type this, someone has noted that one of the two eggs is showing hatching activity (in December? Seriously?) so I provide this not a moment too soon. It has infra-red, so you can check it out anytime:


“Happy hogwash, everybody!”