Kinda dark Wednesday

Skeptic magazine just wanted to screw with my timing, and immediately after I put up the last book review (previous post,) they started a five-day 25% off sale on everything in their store, which includes the book I just reviewed. Now through November 25th, you can purchase the hardcover version for $22.50. And they […]

Book Review: Evolution

I pushed through this book to try and get a review up before it went off sale this month, and this was more than I bargained for – it is a work of great detail and no small amount of illustrated points. One would think that images in books would make the reading go […]

Book on sale

Courtesy of Jerry Coyne at Why Evolution Is True, I want to alert people that Donald Prothero’s book Evolution: What the Fossils Say and Why It Matters is now on sale at Amazon, in e-book format. Normally $23.99, for month of November it is just $3.99!

In addition, one of Coyne’s readers, James (yes, […]