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Courtesy of Jerry Coyne at Why Evolution Is True, I want to alert people that Donald Prothero’s book Evolution: What the Fossils Say and Why It Matters is now on sale at Amazon, in e-book format. Normally $23.99, for month of November it is just $3.99!

In addition, one of Coyne’s readers, James (yes, the same James we all know and love) is throwing in an extra bonus: append his referral code to the end of the URL, and he’ll donate his referral fees plus $25 on top to Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (the same place that donations to that “Nonbelievers Giving Aid” link in the sidebar go.) Just put /gumbercules-20 at the end of the URL – note that I have already added it for your convenience in the book link above.

I am forced to admit that I have not actually read this book yet, despite having the hardcover version, but this is serving as my prod in the ass – I will finish the book and post a review before the sale ends. I have read several different articles and posts by Donald Prothero – he’s a regular at Skepticblog – and I definitely agree with both his style and approach. So based on that, and the various positive reviews and recommendations that I’ve come across, I can say this is definitely worth the sale price (and very likely the full price.) I may even pick it up in e-form and compare the two.

You do not have to have a Kindle or e-reader to read e-books – Amazon offers free Kindle software for your computer so you can enjoy it in between my fascinating posts here. So for less than the cost of lunch, what can you lose? Check it out!

Yes, that’s the camera remote between the fingers of my right hand.

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One thought on “Book on sale”

  1. Hi there ! That story is interesting But what the hell, it can`t be true. I really do not mean any trolling, but have just saw another point of view. That`s why I cannot simply admit autor`s opinion. And don’t try charging me for the scarcity of evidences ! All the proofs can be found there . However thanks for the post anyway.

    Editors note: The URL was munged somehow, leading to a completely unrelated site, so I made the necessary corrections.

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