Just a pic

Gotta take a break from kittens…

Oh, you want to know just how big my subject really is? Okay, then:

There is something to be said for Jagged ambush bugs (Phymata): they’re very patient, so setting up the elaborate rig to get the top photo didn’t result in it being scared under cover, wandering off, or simply dying of old age. In fact, it’s not even a lot of equipment – it’s simply that it’s heavy, so it wants to drag the ballhead supporting the camera around, and the tight focus range is a millimeter or so (no, seriously) so any movement or either the camera or the subject means refocusing. Since this was taken with a bellows, that actually means shifting the bellows rig on its rails, because that’s how bellows are focused, and this of course vibrates the camera. The flower was somewhat anchored, but the breeze still resulted in throwing my subject into the next county, photographically speaking.

I have to say, ambush bugs do love their aster, since this is the only flower that I’ve seen them on, even though they have choices in the immediate vicinity. You’ll notice the change in coloration that has occurred since that previous post.

And yes, I’m aware I’m setting myself up for identity theft…

For the macro enthusiasts, the detail shot is from an Argus Cintar 50mm f3.5 (the basic “Brick” lens) at about 120mm extension on a Vivitar Auto Bellows, f16 at 1/200, ISO 100, with an Olympus T20 strobe on a bracket above the lens, overcast day.