Too cool, part 13: I’m a spider, raargh!

Since I have yet to obtain any images illustrating this (and because there may not even be examples of such within this country, I may not ever, sniff,) I refer you to Alex Wild of Myrmecos fame, guest-blogging on Scientific American’s site, for his post on “The fly that banks on arachnophobia.

If you wish, pause for a second and try to imagine how a fly might benefit from something being scared of spiders, like I did. Chances are, it’s better than you imagined. Most especially, when you see a different (and more appropriate) angle provided by Warren Laurde in the comments.

It all leads me to wonder, how long before spiders develop secret signs amongst themselves, like visual passwords, to flush out the imposters?

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My competitive side tells me not to link to Myrmecos, since Alex Wild is a much better photographer than I, but the unwritten rules of the net dictate that he reciprocate, right? And if that works, I’ll be praising Canon for their MP-E 65mm soon…

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