I worry too much

I’ve had these stray photos from the beach trip kicking around to post for a while now, and have been putting them off because I’m trying to keep some variety in the posts, and I’ve been doing a lot of birds. But then again so what? Some blogs are entirely about birds. Some blogs are entirely about raising kids. I gotta relax.

willet Tringa semipalmata looking sleep, but actually preening
While I initially go through recent shots and find the frames that would make a good post, some of the ones that I pass by (because of the narrative or whatever) are cool by themselves, and usually I don’t rediscover them until the sorting phase. Out of context, this one has a certain impression, a sleepy willet (Tringa semipalmata,) though it’s not sleeping but preening, the same one seen in this sequence.

Which might also be the same one seen below. Or it might not.

willet Tringa semipalmata just after submerging for food, with water drops on head
Taken a few days later but in the same general area, this one had just plunged its head a bit deeper than usual in search of food, and still had the water drops adhering. With the backlighting and moody colors from the water, I liked it, but it needed a tighter crop to draw attention.

I believe this is the penultimate beach trip post – there’s one more that I’ve been saving. Should get through these just in time for the pics and stories from the next beach trip…