Tripod holes 24

boating couple on University Lake, Carrboro NC, backgrounded by sun's glare
N 35°53’41.45″ W 79° 5’35.46″ Google Earth location

Not long after moving to North Carolina in 1990, I was following some trails, really, quite some distance and found that they ended up at University Lake in Carrboro. I had my (not so) trusty Wittnauer Challenger in hand, a rangefinder with a fixed and so-so 50mm lens, looking for scenic opportunities, when I heard the rowers approaching. I found a decent gap in the trees and timed it as they passed through the center and the glitter trail, producing one of my earliest fartsy prints. Which, truth be told, I’m still fond of despite the thousands of photos taken since, and the commensurate (more or less, anyway) increase in skills. Many modern lenses would have taken the sunlight shining almost directly into the glass and rendered countless ghosts and flares, but this one just made it seem appropriate.

Know what’s scary? The young couple in the boat could have been married, divorced, remarried, and have not only kids, but grandkids since this photo was taken – who knows?