Yes, I know this appears to be a crass copy of the pose seen here, but unless that otter is actually eating a vole, I’d hazard that the evidence leans towards coincidence.

I had earlier spotted the same species jumping spider as this one, atop a log and showing off its vivid rust-colored abdomen, but it was so shy that I never got remotely close enough to photograph – the same can be said for some vivid green tiger beetles. But this one held still quite cooperatively, and it wasn’t until I was looking at the magnified image in the viewfinder that I tumbled to why. Jumping spiders are just like kids in this regard: give them a treat and they’ll cooperate for a while.

I went down to the river specifically to stage a shot for a post, which will be coming shortly, but got several images unrelated to that topic, so there’s at least one other post coming from the trip too. And if you think this one’s creepy, you ain’t seen nothing yet. This one’s cute in comparison.

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