Cut out for me

Alex Wild of Myrmecos (sidebar,) and Compound Eye at Scientific American, has announced that he will feature any “Best of 2012” sites from science & nature photographers in a post at Compound Eye. There’s already a nice collection of links, so check them out!

While I usually skip the whole “best of the year” stuff and rarely get engaged in rating my images, I figured it was a good way to go back over what I’d done which, among other things, helps set goals for improvement and future captures. Not to mention I’m happy for the chance of greater exposure. I figure I’ll feature one photo from each of the broad categories into which I sort my images, and one runner-up. The runner-up post will come first, followed by the best post a day later, on the 31st.

It’ll be interesting. Two categories, Mountain and Beach, have no entries for 2012 at all – I never got the chance to do any shooting at either. One category received its first contributions for the year just a couple days ago – that will be obvious ;-)

And one category, Insects (which should technically be called Arthropods, but too bad) has 6,687 images from this year in it, and I’m not even sure I’m done. These, by the way, are the ‘keepers,’ the ones I considered strong enough for my stock images, and far less than what I actually shot – many images get discarded from simply not making the standards I set. So yeah, going through that collection is going to take some time.

Coming soon (as soon as I finish all of the illustrations necessary) will be another webpage in the Tips & Tricks section of the main site, as well. So check back shortly!