Well, would you look at that?

The time has been getting away from me, it seems. I have suddenly discovered that this Friday, July 28th, is National Treat A Nature Photographer To Dinner Day. Yes, it’s the day when we show our appreciation of all the stunning natural images, interesting behavior, or grotesque closeups that only nature photographers can provide us. It should be more than one day a year, really, when we consider how often we see such photos in our daily lives, but you know, nature photographers are a pretty low-key and unobtrusive lot, and as a whole wouldn’t dream of drawing such attentions to themselves, even as deserved as it is.

So seek out the nature photographer that you know and take them out to a nice dinner someplace. Or, if you know of none locally, you can always, like, buy one of their prints in appreciation. I’m sure you can find a way to make a simple cash donation too, especially if they provide a handy link on their site someplace, like on the sidebar of the blog or wherever. It’s just a small token, really, but totally worth it for the warm feelings that it will foster within you.

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