Best of 2012

In recognition of arbitrary numbers assigned to seasonal patterns produced by axial tilt, I present my favorite images taken within the past 31,556,941 seconds, more or less – what some gauche people refer to as a “year.” Also note that these are not the best as determined by popular vote, unless you consider ‘popular’ to mean ‘me,’ (and no one read more

Second Best of 2012

I separate my images into broad categories to help locate them when needed, with some refinements into sub-categories as necessary. So when working on my “Best of 2012” posts, I decided to use these categories (with the exception of the previous post.) As mentioned earlier, two categories read more

2012’s Not-Quites, the Insects

So as I mentioned, I went ahead and put together my best images of this year – or, as it really should be, my favorites, since no one is voting on these but me. However, this year was notable in that most of my images, by a wide margin, were arthropods (which I still call ‘insects’ solely for convenience.) read more

Cut out for me

Alex Wild of Myrmecos (sidebar,) and Compound Eye at Scientific American, has announced that he will feature any “Best of 2012” sites from science & nature photographers in a post at Compound Eye. There’s already a nice collection of links, so check them out!

While I usually skip the whole “best of the year” stuff and rarely get engaged in rating my images, I figured read more