I have a project I’m working on that requires a little airbrush work – nothing serious or fancy, but I’ve found that a little cup would work better than a complete siphon bottle at times. I don’t have the little cup, so I started looking online for it.

Courtesy of the arts & crafts & stupid dried decorative shit store called simply, ‘Michaels’ (because everyone can figure out what you sell from such a name, right?) we have this remarkable web page:
Will they tell me how much it costs? No. Can I order it online? No. Can I determine if the store even has it in stock? Don’t be silly. BUT… I can Like it or Pin it or play some remarkably pointless social dipfuckery thing with it, because, you know, that will drum up business for them!

I’m trying to imagine if I had someone on my list of Friends or Dudes or Chuzzlewits, whatever, and they actually remarked in any manner how much they liked an airbrush color cup, how quickly I would delete my account and try to hold back from cutting myself because it made me despair for the future of humans. That I already did this a few years ago (deleting my Facebook account, I mean) is besides the point.

Anyway, they’ve won the Shitass Webdesign of the Week award. Congratulations on your complete inability to recognize what use the internet can be to you!

paintcup2The followup: I found one on eBay, would have been just over five bucks with shipping if I didn’t get into a stupid bidding war. The item is worth about two bucks, and six is the maximum I would pay for the damn thing (which, as I would come to find out, is less than half what Michaels wanted for it.) So while waiting for the bid close date to come along, I just made my own, from a brass pipe I had and a plastic cap. Works perfectly.

And because they spent more time trying to be popular than accommodating a customer, I won’t be shopping at Michaels ever again – I’ll stick to a place that actually wants business. I can take a hint.

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