From a better source

I posted about this before, with my own feeble efforts in illustrating, but here’s a better version, courtesy of Bob King at Universe Today: Sirius, UFO trickster extraordinaire. It features a brief but very cool video.

Note also the image in there of Kenneth Arnold with the sketch of what he saw. In case the name is unfamiliar, Arnold is the guy who sparked the UFO ‘craze,’ and established the term ‘flying saucer’ by being misquoted – he said that the objects flew like a saucer skipped on the water, but as you can see, he didn’t consider them to resemble anything at all like a saucer. Remarkably, though, from that point on many people began seeing saucer-shaped craft. Imagine the odds of that.

Arnold’s description of the shape of the objects also changed in later years – still not into a saucer, though. Undoubtedly, the aliens suppressed his memory of the actual shape and substituted another; it all make sense if you try really hard.

Anyway, check out the post at Universe Today – it’s cool.

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